Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Georgia's Own Credit Union Incompetence

When will I ever learn??

3 years ago I canceled all my accounts, checking, savings, CDs, with this financial institution with excellent reason...horrible service. Even their then CEO, Charlotte Ayres, was incompetent in my opinion. I moved savings and CDs to ING Direct, checking to another institution.
I recently decided to provide them another chance to be better and opened a small savings account and a checking account. Figuring they can't mess up too badly. So far so good.
This past weekend they sent one of their innocuous ads to open a VISA with them.
I have had my MasterCard, which I pay in full monthly, for 23 years with few issues and am happy with it. I figured that I would obtain the VISA for a back-up.
I called the number on the ad and immediately am presented with 7 options. None say to apply for a credit card press this number so I press 7 for "other"...well the first transfer occurs...I was wrong and wondering why the ad did not say to press 5 for consumer loan officer. Although I don't consider this a loan I'm quick on the uptake.
Susan answered, I provided my name, account number, and the purpose of my call, she asks to place me on hold. Being of the curious nature I inquire as to the reason she needs to place me on hold...the thing I hate most in the business world is to be placed on hold for no reason.
Susan responded that she can't find my account and needs to verify something on the account. I cannot help myself and state that if she can't find the account then what could she possibly need to verify on it? I deny her request to place me on hold.
I asked Susan for her corporate office, She places me on hold anyway and attempts to transfer me. All I hear is a series of beeps, about 14 or so. I asked Susan "what are you doing?" she responds "trying to transfer you Mr. Newman."
Well, I am shocked at two things, the first being that she is not able to transfer a customer and the second is that she called me Mr. Newman as that is not my name. I provided my name to her initially and she can't even get that right.
Where the heck are they getting these folks from? I thought there were millions of able bodied Americans out of work and they hire this person to interface with their customers???????
I am getting irritated now and ask for her last name and am informed "I can't give that to you". Oh yes, I might come hunt you down and chastise you in person for your terrible customer service skills.
I decided to try another route and ask for her operator ID and am told it is 3067. I have Susan 3067. Progress!!! I then ask for her manager.
I was transferred to Ashley, again with no last name. I am now ticked off with Susan 3067s incompetence and I am afraid Ashley, in her uncaring monotone is really going to piss (sorry, but these folks are so aggravating) me off, I am not disappointed.
I relay the conversation with Susan 3067 to Ashley and she apologized but with such insincerity and lack of concern that I decide, after 10 minutes since the beginning of this endeavor, to cut my losses. I asked who their new CEO is and his phone number.
I kid you not, she responds "I cannot give you that number and I will look up who he is" Are you kidding me?? I received their newsletter a week ago, it's in the recycle bin and not readily accessible, that gave his name and she doesn't even know who he is.
Why the secrecy? Is he in witness protection or something?
Finally she provided me his name, David Preter, and informs me that I need to call the main number and the operator will transfer me.
12 minutes wasted. I will NOT apply for their VISA card and I will follow up to let you know if David Preter gives a darn.....it does not look good folks.